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*tantum. CMS* is extendable through plugins. Those go into the ``plugins``
directory and have to choose a plugin namespace.
By default, *tantum. CMS* comes with the following plugins:
* ``DynamicTitle``
* ``BlogRoll``
This plugin enables support for "subtitles" in the websites HTML ``<title>``
tag. It prepends the name of the Website with the name of the current page,
separated by a long dash (``–``).
.. note::
Imprint – tantum. CMS
The *BlogRoll* plugin provides a Weblogesque functionality. If a folder inside
the ``webroot`` folder contains subfolders, and those subfolders do all have a
numerical name (``1``, ``2``, and so on), the plugin deems that page a weblog.
It chooses a special template and adds *"newer posts"*/*"older posts"* links to
the bottom.
The following folder structure will give you a simple blog with two pages of
* ``webcontents/``
* ``Blog/``
* ``1/``
* ``2/``
* ``My first blog``
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