Commit 79c53857 authored by Tommé Nöll's avatar Tommé Nöll
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music code refactor and loop examples

parent 67c85389
......@@ -14,10 +14,10 @@ public class MusicTransitionTargetObject {
[CreateAssetMenu(fileName = "MusicObject", menuName = "Custom/MusicObject")]
public class MusicObject : ScriptableObject {
public MusicTransitionTargetObject[] targets;
public AudioClip clip;
public MusicTransitionTargetObject[] targets;
[Tooltip("If not a loop, the song can be tranisitioned into any other song at its end, or from any other song at its beginning")]
public bool isLoop = false;
[Tooltip("The non-looped version if this song is looped (required), the looped version otherwise (optional).")]
public MusicTransitionTargetObject loopCounterpiece;
public MusicObject loopCounterpiece;
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