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Browse files and performance logging in default config disabled

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### appconfig.php
1. copy appconfig.sample.php to appconfig.php
2. If you need to change timezone, encoding, error reporting or the detection of the root directory, you can edit this file. Otherwise you can leave this file as is.
### app/config/config.php
Most of the settings in this file should stay the same, but some you might want to change, like the description.
### app/config/vdb.php
In this file the database settings are configured. Change database name, login and password as needed.
### Making a user admin
In a running version admins can turn other users into admins and vice versa from their users page.
But when you install blushee for the first time, you have no users and thus, no admins. So the first time, you'll need to log in to blushee with the user which wants to be admin and then enable his/her admin status from mysql.
Find the user in the blushee/users table, set "admin" to "1" (without the quotes obviously). You might need to logout and login for the changes to take effect.
// Comment the following line if you don't want to see performance measurements anymore
define('PERFORMANCE_START', microtime(true));
// Enable the following line if you want to see performance measurements
// define('PERFORMANCE_START', microtime(true));
// Report all errors
error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_ERROR);
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