Commit 4a8d3d6c authored by grunt92's avatar grunt92
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parent 7bf68323
......@@ -19,12 +19,7 @@ public:
void on_enter();
void on_exit();
<<<<<<< HEAD
gdw::scene_manager* scene_manager() {return scene_manager_.get();}
gdw::level_manager* level_manager() {return level_manager_.get();}
void handle_player_input();
>>>>>>> ccee464605506145fff8e87a10a982d3a85b3130
std::unique_ptr<gdw::level_manager> level_manager_;
Subproject commit a997a62f5e2f551d2e9e8c6744c1a66579035a15
Subproject commit 3d4dbe849e8db70238497c1546f390aea8cf51bb
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