Commit fbaeac21 authored by Florian Oetke's avatar Florian Oetke
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Merge branch 'feature/16-sound-effects' into 'develop'

Resolve "Sound-Effects"

Closes #16

See merge request !19
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audio: = audio/
audio: = audio/*.opus
cfg:sound_effects = settings/sound_effects.json
"effects": {
"dash": ["dash3"],
"attack": ["stationary_attack"],
"e_att_h": ["enemy_attack_heavy"],
"e_att_s": ["enemy_attack_small"],
"enemy_hit": ["enemy_hit_1", "enemy_hit_2", "enemy_hit_3", "enemy_hit_4", "enemy_hit_5"],
"gameover": ["gameover"],
"damaged": ["player_damaged"],
"win": ["win", "win2"]
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