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......@@ -38,13 +38,13 @@ Included in this repository:
### Build from Source
- git clone FOO
- mkdir FOO_build
- cd FOO_build
- cmake ../FOO
- git clone
- mkdir mirrage_build
- cd mirrage_build
- cmake ../mirrage
- cmake --build .
The active features of the project can be modified by setting the following CMake-Properties (-DPROP=ON/OFF):
The project can be further configured by setting the following CMake-Properties (-DPROP=ON/OFF):
- MIRRAGE_BUILD_MESH_CONVERTER: Also build the mesh converter that can be used to converter models into the engine specific data format (Default: OFF)
- MIRRAGE_ENABLE_CLANG_FORMAT: Includes an additional clangformat target, that can be used to automatically format all source files in the project
- MIRRAGE_ENABLE_LTO: Activates link time optimizations on gcc/clang (Default: OFF)
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