Commit ace0c9b9 authored by Florian Oetke's avatar Florian Oetke
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Revert "fixed depth buffer requirements"

This reverts commit fda669b5.
parent fda669b5
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...@@ -80,9 +80,7 @@ namespace mirrage::graphic { ...@@ -80,9 +80,7 @@ namespace mirrage::graphic {
vk::Format::eD32Sfloat, vk::Format::eD32Sfloat,
vk::Format::eD16Unorm, vk::Format::eD16Unorm,
vk::Format::eD16UnormS8Uint}, vk::Format::eD16UnormS8Uint},
vk::FormatFeatureFlagBits::eDepthStencilAttachment vk::FormatFeatureFlagBits::eDepthStencilAttachment,
| vk::FormatFeatureFlagBits::eBlitDst
| vk::FormatFeatureFlagBits::eBlitSrc,
Format_usage::image_optimal) Format_usage::image_optimal)
.get_or_throw("No depth format supported" .get_or_throw("No depth format supported"
" by device")) " by device"))
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