Commit 48eae7d4 authored by Florian Oetke's avatar Florian Oetke
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removed deprecated std::fun_ptr

parent d96edb8c
......@@ -54,14 +54,13 @@ namespace mirrage::util {
// trim from start
inline std::string& ltrim(std::string& s) {
s.erase(s.begin(), std::find_if(s.begin(), s.end(), std::not1(std::ptr_fun<int, int>(std::isspace))));
s.erase(s.begin(), std::find_if(s.begin(), s.end(), [](auto c) { return !std::isspace(c); }));
return s;
// trim from end
inline std::string& rtrim(std::string& s) {
s.erase(std::find_if(s.rbegin(), s.rend(), std::not1(std::ptr_fun<int, int>(std::isspace))).base(),
s.erase(std::find_if(s.rbegin(), s.rend(), [](auto c) { return !std::isspace(c); }).base(), s.end());
return s;
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