Commit 331da9e1 authored by Florian Oetke's avatar Florian Oetke
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Removed Classic template argument deduction because of Missing clang support

parent 3a89bfda
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ namespace mirrage::util {
_defered_actions.begin(), _defered_actions.end(), [](auto& a) { return !a.ready(); });
if(new_end != _defered_actions.end()) {
auto saved = std::vector(new_end, _defered_actions.end());
auto saved = std::vector<Defered_action>(new_end, _defered_actions.end());
_defered_actions.erase(new_end, _defered_actions.end());
for(auto& a : saved) {
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