Commit 41a508f4 authored by Georg Schaefer's avatar Georg Schaefer
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add premake build file

parent 17e0ffde
solution "tools"
configurations {"debug", "release"}
language "C++"
flags {"FatalWarnings"}
vectorextensions "SSE2"
buildoptions "-std=c++1y"
includedirs {
libdirs {
defines {
configuration "linux"
defines "LINUX"
configuration "windows"
defines "WINDOWS"
configuration "debug"
defines "DEBUG"
flags "Symbols"
optimize "Off"
configuration "release"
defines "NDEBUG"
optimize "Full"
configuration {"gmake", "linux"}
configuration {"gmake", "windows"}
project "mesh_converter"
kind "WindowedApp"
targetdir "build"
objdir "build/obj"
if _OPTIONS["cc"] == "clang" then
toolset "clang"
buildoptions "-stdlib=libc++"
links {
files "src/**.cpp"
configuration {"gmake", "linux"}
links {"assimp"}
configuration {"gmake", "windows"}
linkoptions {"-lmingw32 -static-libgcc -static-libstdc++"}
links {"assimp"}
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