Commit fa0cf46c authored by Markus Schlösser's avatar Markus Schlösser
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Fixed Main Meu Buttons

parent f367fa1e
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fileFormatVersion: 2
guid: 28691e34a255994418a523676d503274
externalObjects: {}
mainObjectFileID: 100100000
......@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ GameObject:
- component: {fileID: 212421403893095872}
- component: {fileID: 95399040166875056}
m_Layer: 0
m_Name: Projektil
m_Name: ProjektilPrefab
m_TagString: Untagged
m_Icon: {fileID: 0}
m_NavMeshLayer: 0
This diff is collapsed.
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